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Big Tex Trailers

Big Tex is the largest and fastest growing commercial grade open trailer manufacturer in North America offering High Quality Heavy Duty Value.

Durable Big Tex Trailers feature frames engineered for strength and stability by using framing fixtures that ensure maximum symmetry and proper alignment, resulting in proper towing for even tire wear and less strain on bearings.  Heavy gauge, low carbon, high alloyed steel absorbs flex to help prevent trailer twist and steel fatigue.

Big Tex gives new meaning to Heavy Duty with their Adjustable Suspension System, 12K Dexter Axles and Pierced Beam Low Profile.  All Standard.

And Big Tex Trailers are reliable, with two braking systems – hydraulic and never adjust electric - for a fail-safe back up system.

Every Big Tex Trailer is backed by a 1 year Warranty.

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