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The Trails West Difference means that you get a horse or stock trailer featuring a high quality paint finish on a structurally superior trailer that offers the highest value and widest range of options in the industry.

Trails West horse and stock trailers consist of well-engineered steel frames, making them stronger and more durable to the flex and stress caused by today’s roads.

Whether constructed of Electro-galvanized sheet steel or .050 aluminum, each Trails West trailer is coated with automotive primer and polyurethane paint, resulting in an exterior that perfectly matches from sheet to sheet. Ease of cleanup with soap and water eliminates the need for harsh acid washes.

For over 25 years, Trails West has used high quality Douglas Fir wood in its floor construction.

Proper spacing between planks makes them more durable while holding up to urine and manure that can compromise flooring.

Backed by a Structural Warranty, Trails West has proven to be a trusted brand combining exceptional quality with outstanding value.